Southeastern Trust Company is a boutique private wealth management firm serving families across the United States with traditional family office services. Our typical services include trust and estate administration, investment management, real estate management, and bill pay services. In addition, we specialize in asset protection trust and special needs trust administration. We provide personal service and custom solutions for high net-worth households.

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Why Southeastern Trust?

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We are client focused. By choosing Southeastern Trust, you will engage people who care about your personal finances and take their fiduciary duties seriously. Our size and team structure are perfect for appropriately servicing the needs of our clients. You won’t be treated like a number, and we have the resources and expertise on hand to assist in any situation. Families are fully serviced by our office, meaning we have control over all administration, investment management and operations. We never outsource, and we have better service and response times because of it. Whatever your circumstances, our team members are ready to begin a relationship with you.



Our team members average over 20 years of industry experience.

Team Structure

All members of the team are fully acquainted with the circumstances of every client relationship, allowing any member to promptly assist with any issue.

In-House Expertise

All administration, investment management and operations take place in our offices, within our control. Nothing is outsourced, allowing us to provide better service and response times.


Our team members are accessible to our clients 24/7. Clients have the ability to walk in our office and meet with their team any time they choose.


Clients have access to the individuals making the decisions affecting their accounts. These decisions are made by individuals who are familiar with the client’s situation. Further, decisions can be made quickly.

Tennessee: Where Trusts Thrive

Thanks to trust code modifications and favorable laws, Tennessee trusts enjoy preferred features in a healthy and trust-friendly environment. Southeastern Trust has two convenient locations, Chattanooga and Nashville, meaning our trusts and our clients also reap the benefits of Tennessee’s favorable trust laws. No matter where you live, Southeastern Trust can help you gain access to one of the country’s top-rated states for Asset Protection and Dynasty Trusts.


Fee Structure

Southeastern Trust charges its fee as a percentage of the market value of the account, and this fee is reflected monthly on the client statement. Our compensation is transparent – there are no hidden fees.


Southeastern Trust is the perfect size to appropriately service the needs of our clients. We are not so large that clients are treated like numbers, however we have the resources and expertise on hand to assist in any situation.


In addition to traditional trust administration, our team members can assist clients with estate planning, investment management, paying monthly bills, estate administration and financial planning.


Southeastern Trust is willing to work with an outside investment advisor if the client so chooses.

Real Estate

Southeastern Trust has substantial real estate management experience in residential, commercial, vacation, rental and timber properties.

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Are not FDIC or any other Government Agency insured. Are not Bank guaranteed. May lose value.

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