What is a Multi-Family Office?

Southeastern Trust provides family office services to some of the most distinguished families in Chattanooga, Atlanta, Nashville, and beyond. Instead of being an office dedicated to one family, we provide services to multiple families. The needs of high net worth families are distinct from those of a typical investor and they require a unique set of services.

A family office strategizes and manages the entire financial life of a family, not merely their investment portfolio. High net worth families have financial interests beyond their managed investments including charitable giving, insurance, tax issues, closely held business interests, private equity, real estate, and cash management. A family office does everything from managing investments to paying the home electric bill and coordinating contributions to their favorite causes.

Because of the size of their assets, the family needs someone who understands and can assist with all the moving parts of their financial life. A traditional investment firm is only concerned with investments in the market. Of course, the investment portfolio remains the highest priority for our families and for Southeastern Trust. But, their financial concerns extend beyond it into a whole host of other practical issues requiring time and expertise.

We have served families long enough that we are now serving the third generation of clients in some instances, assisting with the transfer of wealth from parents to their children. Southeastern Trust also has the added advantage of being able to assist families with establishing a trust and serving as a trustee. We can advise clients on how to structure their assets in order to reduce their tax burden while accomplishing their goals.

A family office is involved in any activity that involves money. Whether it is acquiring real estate, establishing a scholarship fund at their alma mater, or selling their business, a family office like Southeastern Trust is equipped to serve the family and ensure their desires are realized. We even provide financial education for the next generation as they become stewards of family assets.

Families matter at Southeastern Trust. Our leadership team and board consist of individuals who’ve generated wealth through family-owned businesses and want to see it preserved for the next generation. We love serving families and helping them “design a life well spent.” If you are interested in learning more about how Southeastern Trust can serve your family, please contact us.

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