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Charitable Giving Plans

Coming up with a plan can be easier than the execution. At Southeastern Trust, we help with both. When it comes to assisting families with their charitable giving plans, we help develop and carry out the family’s vision by setting attainable goals and reaching them. We build our program on experience, informed by successful planning, and in partnership with family advisors. Charitable Giving Plans may be created during the donor’s lifetime or at the donor’s death as part of a trust or will. For solid planning, our methods include settling on a fully developed philanthropic vision, aiding with annual meetings and Form 990 tax filings, crafting a process to achieve required distributions, and working with the charitable beneficiaries. 

Private Investments

One benefit of a firm our size is flexibility. Our team is committed to understanding and accomplishing your individual financial objectives by developing a comprehensive and personal plan for your investment management. Whether current, future, or troubled, we assist with any pain points associated with private investments. For existing private investments, we review their history and context, providing counsel based on the findings. While we are results-driven to meet investment benchmarks, we stay focused on achieving your long-term goals.  

Real Estate

Real estate can be a strong income-producing investment, but it requires an experienced trustee to manage it well. We protect the interests of your non-financial asset and efficiently carry out the wishes of family members outlined in the trust document. Southeastern Trust has substantial real estate management experience in residential, commercial, vacation, rental and timber properties.  

Family Education

As part of our planning services, we place great value on counseling families on in-house matters. We serve families as their partner, joining with their existing advisory team and other professionals. After individually meeting with family members, our advisors set a timeline for family learning goals, then develop a plan to meet those goals. We focus on helping families grow their strategies for communication, efficiency, and innovation. Southeastern Trust can facilitate meetings and encourage conversation around family values.  

Are not FDIC or any other Government Agency insured. Are not Bank guaranteed. May lose value.

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