Investment Management

Our investment philosophy is both flexible and disciplined, based around core principles of following a strategic asset allocation, long term discipline and goals-based approach to portfolio construction. The portfolio construction process takes into consideration all available opportunities in the market. This includes the use of strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions. Portfolios are diversified and meet the specific risk tolerance and investment objectives of each client. We monitor intermediate term market trends to inform tactical allocations to sectors, styles and factors. We consider costs and taxes in manager selection and portfolio turnover. We customize portfolios based on client preferences and other constraints, including trust investment requirements.

We believe in a broadly diversified global investment strategy that optimizes risk and return relationships. We accept that markets are efficient in the long run, and rebalancing, asset location, and risk management are key to achieving superior results. We believe in a total return investment approach, and seek out securities and asset classes that offer a desirable premium for their implied risk.

We utilize a mix of passive and actively managed equity and fixed income solutions, as well as alternative investments, hedge funds and private investments for clients where appropriate.

Are not FDIC or any other Government Agency insured. Are not Bank guaranteed. May lose value.

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